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    • CCC RACE Report: Emily Nishikawa skis to a solid 30th place in the Pyeongchang 30k

      February 25, 2018

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      It was the warmest day of the Olympic cross-country ski schedule with sunny 4 deg. C weather at Pyeongchang. Today's race was the 30k classic, mass start , the last event on the Olympic program.



      Marit Bjorgen of Norway, looking for her 8th gold medal, set the early pace, along with Charlotte Kalla of Sweden, 2 of the main favourites.

      Emily leads Cendrine early

      At around 8k Bjoergen and Kalla started a bit of a break, along initially with Kerttu Niskanen of Finland, the sister of Iivo, the 50k gold medalist. Fairly quickly Bjoergen pulled away from the 2 other racers, making a significant break by 9.5 k and leading by 51 seconds at the halfway point.

      Bjoergen has dropped the rest of the field.

      Chasing were Austria's Teresa Stadlober of Austria, Kalla, Niskanen and another Finn Krista Parmakoski. Emily Nishikawa was 27th at the midway point, with Cendrine Browne leading a small group at 30th and Anne-Marie Comeau 44th.

      Cendrine Browne with the ski change

      In the 2nd half, Stadlober moved in front of the chase group, but took a wrong turn which took her out of contention. Kalla changed her skis but it didn't help her, and she was passed by Sweden's Stina Nilsson and Ingvild Oestberg of Norway. Niskanen started to falter, leaving Parmakoski in 2nd, 2 minutes behind Bjoergen with Nilsson and Oestberg looking for 1 podium position.

      Parmakoski managed to hang on for 2nd, with Stina Nilsson finishing  1/2 second ahead of Oestberg at the line.

      Emily trying to out sprint Sweden's Anna Haag on the finishing straight.

      Emily finished a solid 30th place, with Cendrine Browne in 43rd.



      Race Analysis on the IOC site


      So that wraps up Canada's 2018 Olympic effort in Pyeongchang. It is one in which there was hope we would get that elusive Olympic men's medal, but unfortunately it was not to be, despite some fantastic efforts by Alex Harvey.

      Along the way on the men's side we set 3 new "Best Ever" Olympic results, Alex in the 15k and the 50 and Lenny in the sprint.

      On the women's side there were signs of continuing progress with Dahria Beatty and Cendrine Browne having efforts better than Canadian distance results in Sochi. Emily's 30th place is one of Canada's best distance results in recent memory, back to 2002, if you exclude Olympic medalists Sara Renner and Beckie Scott. Of note, at the Nagano Olympics, before they made their mark on the Olympic stage, Beckie's best result was 45th and Sara's 54th.

      Next up for some of the athletes, the Lahti World Cups in Finland.

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