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    • Haywood RACE Report: Remi Drolet 20th, Sam Hendry 21st lead a strong Canadian finish at World Junior Champs

      January 22, 2019

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      It was another cold day at the World Junior Championships in Lahti, site of 7 World Senior Championships. There at one time was some discussion about postponing the races.  Things warmed up quickly though and the women's 5k got underway at -13 degrees C.


      The race was won by Frida Karlsson of Sweden, with Anna Pryce registering Canada's best time in 43rd position. Molly Miller finished 50th, Isobel Hendry 58th and Jasmine Drolet 67th.


      We are attempting to provide video of the Canadian women and will update this article when available.

      On the men's side it was French skier Jules Chappaz that topped the podium by a significant 21 second margin.

      The Canadians had a strong performance in the 10k, led by Remi Drolet in 20th. Sam Hendry was close behind in 21st, Tom Stephen in 31st and Xavier McKeever was 44th.

      Drolet started a bit slowly, 37th at 5k, but sped up on the next 5k, to post a solid performance.


      For veteran ski race observers it was intersting to see some "old" names appear in the results list, like Dolidovich, Belarus; Poromaa, Sweden; Wigger, Switzerland and of course McKeever from Canada.

      Next up tomorrow the U23 distance skate races.

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