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    • Updated CCBC Low-fluoro Glide Waxing Protocol

      20 décembre 2016

      Cross Country BC respectfully requests all coaches, athletes, wax technicians and parents to abide by a self-governed protocol while waxing skis for identified races taking place in British Columbia.  This also applies to coaches, athletes, wax technicians and parents traveling to British Columbia from out-of-province or out-of-country. 

      This protocol does not extend to national-level events held in British Columbia (e.g., NorAms and Western Canadian Championships).  Waxing restrictions at those events (if any) are determined by the race organizers in consultation with Cross Country Canada.

      Low-fluoro glide waxing protocol:

      ·         Structure tools ARE permitted.        
      ·         Non-Fluoro (NF) or Low Fluoro (LF) glide waxes ARE permitted.
      ·         Medium Fluoro (MF) or High Fluoro (HF) glide waxes are NOT permitted.
      ·         Pure Fluoro glide waxes (powders, pucks, blocks and liquids) are NOT permitted.
      ·         Cold weather powder additives and hardeners are NOT permitted

      The above low-fluoro waxing protocol applies to the following races/age categories:

      ·     At local races (i.e., club races, loppets, etc.):  the low-fluoro protocol applies to Midget and younger age categories.

      ·    At Regional Cup races (Coast Cup, Okanagan Cup, Kootenay Cup, Northern Cup):  the low-fluoro protocol applies to ALL age categories.

      ·     At BC Midget Championships and BC Winter Games:  the low-fluoro protocol applies to ALL age categories.

      ·     At BC Cup races (including the BC Championships) that are not combined with a NorAm or CCC/Canada Games selection races:  the low-fluoro protocol applies to ALL age categories.

      1)      If an athlete chooses to “race up” and compete in a different age category, the athlete is governed by the low-fluoro protocol in place for the category into which he/she races up.
      2)      For BC Winter Games Trials, whether the race is a stand-alone trials or part of a bigger event, the low-fluoro protocol must as a minimum include athletes in the Juvenile and younger categories.