• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Other Salt Lake Result Changes

       With yesterday's CAS decision not just Beckie moved up in the standings from the Salt Lake City Olympics.

      Beckie set a some new records, becoming the only North American to be an Olympic Champion in cross-country skiing and also as the first Olympic athlete to receive bronze, silver and gold medals from the same event. Others improved their results also!

      On the men's side Frode Estil and Thomas Alsgard, who tied for silver in the pursuit, now end up tied for gold with the removal of Muehlegg's results.  There are other changes in the men's and women's results.

      On the Canadian side there are the following changes:


      Donald Farley moves from 46th to 45th in the 30k.


      10k Cl:  Beckie moves to 4th, less than 4 seconds from bronze! Sara moves to 13th. Milaine 23rd and Jaime 45th.

      Pursuit: Sara moves to 17th and Milaine to 33rd.