• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Beckie Packs Up the Medal

      With the recent decisions of CAS and the IOC to uphold FIS's disqualification of doper Lazutina from the 2002 Olympic results, the redistribution of Olympic medals has started. Beckie Scott from Canada has now moved into the silver medal position and has been asked by the IOC to return her medal and the certificate for her placing in the 10k as she will be upgraded to 5th in that race also.

      Beckie had these comments regarding the IOC's request for the return of the bronze medal:

      "It was definitely a bit of a strange experience, partly because the waiting process has been so long that it was hard to believe that the time had really come to do the exchange, and partly because that medal holds some real sentimental value for me. That was the medal I was awarded on the day in Salt Lake and it has been the medal that has travelled all over Canada and been held and handled by so many people and kids that I'm a little sad to give it up.

      I didn't think I would feel so strongly about the exchange, but when the time came to pack up the bronze and send it away, it was actually kind of emotional."

      The next step for Beckie is to attend the Court of Arbitration hearings in September when the Canadian and Norwegian Olympic Committee's appeal to also disqualify doper Danilova from the Olympic results will be heard. If the appeal is successful then Beckie will get her rightful gold medal. We will keep you posted on progress!