Salt Lake City, USA 2002


Olympic Team Paralympic Team
Women Men Women Men
Beckie Scott Donald Farley Colette Bourgonje Brian McKeever
Sara Renner   Shauna Maria Whyte
Robin McKeever - Guide
Milaine Theriault      
Jaime Fortier      
Amanda Fortier      

In 2002 hopes were high for the full women's contingent and one male representative for Canada.  Beckie Scott of Vermilion, Alberta, again was leading the charge.  Beckie and teammates Sara Renner, Milaine Theriault, and sisters Amanda and Jaime Fortier had some top notch results, including a 3rd place finish in a World Cup relay leading up to the Olympic Games.  Beckie also notched a few World Cup podium finishes of her own in the new individual sprint event.

Canadian fans were not to be disappoined when Beckie sprinted to a 3rd place finish in the pursuit event - not considered her strongest event.  The bronze medal was eventually upgraded to a gold medal, in 2004, as the two Russian ladies ahead of her on the podium got caught for doping violations.  Beckie also finished 5th in the sprint event, dashing away from the field in the B-Final.

WOMEN  15 km F Mst  10 km Cl  5+5 km Pursuit  Sprint F  30 km C 
Beckie Scott    4th  1st  5th   
Sara Renner    13th  17th  9th   
Milaine Theriault    23rd  33rd  31st  31st 
Jaime Fortier  37th  45th    30th  34th 
Amanda Fortier  34th        28th 
MEN  30 km F Mst  15 km Cl  10+10 km Pursuit  Sprint F  50 km C 
Donald Farley  45th  46th    43rd  39th 

Complete Results:

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