• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
  • Nagano (Hakuba), Japan, 1998

    Olympic Team Paralympic Team
    Women Men Women
    Beckie Snott Chris Blanchard Lorraine Kelly Wayne Bauche
    Jamie Fortier Donald Farley Maria Rauhanen Jason Robinson
    Milaine Theriault Robin McKeever Colette Bourgonje  
    Sara Renner Guido Visser Brita Hall  
    Marie-Odile Raymond Yves Bilodeau    

    1998 saw a full team representing Canada in the Cross Country events once again, as 5 males and 5 females took to the trails near the village of Hakuba, just outside of Nagano. The Canadian team was led by Vermilion, Alberta’s Beckie Scott and rounded out by veteran Yves Bilodeau (the team wax technician who qualified as a relay spare) who got his first Olympic start 10 years before in Calgary.

    A severe flu that hit 8 of the 10 team members, coupled with gruelling trails, and drastic changes in snow and track conditions laid waste to pre-event expectations. The '98 event at least served as an Olympic introduction for 5 of the team members that are expected to return for the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City.

    Women 30k fr 15k cl 5k Pursuit Relay
    Beckie Scott 51 60 47 45 16
    Sara Renner 54   74 64 16
    Marie-Odile Raymond 56 62      
    Jaime Fortier     77   16
    Milaine Theriault   59 54 56 16
    Men 30k cl 10k cl Pursuit 50k fr Relay
    Donald Farley 61       18
    Robin McKeever 62 48   58 18
    Chris Blanchard   51 56 56 18
    Guido Visser 64 71 58 77 18
    Yves Bilodeau   75