• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
  • Lake Placid, USA, Feb 4-15, 1932

    John Currie
    John Taylor
    Bud Clark
    Harry Pangman
    Walter Ryan
    Hubert Douglas
    Kaare Engstad

    Two months prior to the 3rd Winter Olympics Sigurd Lockeberg and Herman Smith-Johannsen, among others, assisted Canada’s Olympic team prepare and train for the cross country events. Ottawa’s John Currie, John Taylor and William Clark, along with Harold Pangman of Montreal, entered the 18 kilometre sprint while Kaare Engstad of Burns Lake, B.C., Ottawa’s David Douglas and William Ryan of Montreal were named for the 50 kilometre.

    The mild weather which combined with a sudden mid-race snowstorm failed to stop Sven Utterstrom defend Sweden’s hold on the 50 km with a time of 4:28:00. Among 32 starters, Engstad clocked 5:19:19 for 16th, a placing which remains as Canada’s best to date. Douglas and Ryan were among nine who did not finish. Veli Saarinen of Finland grabbed the sprint in 1:23:07 while Pangman, Clarke, Taylor and Currie ran 35th, 38th, 39th and 40th respectively among 42 finishers. Of the 15 Canadians who competed in jumping, nordic combined and cross country, Jostein Nordmoe of Camrose, Alta., who posted tenth in the nordic combined, remains the best Olympic cross country skiing related result to date.