• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
  • Albertville, France, 1992

    Olympic Team Paralympic Team
    Women Men Women Men
    Lorna Daudrich Al Pilcher Colette Bourgonje Patrick Page
    Rhonda DeLong Wayne Dustin   Kris Dittman
    Jane Vincent Yves Bilodeau   Joe Harrison
    Angela Schmidt-Foster Darren Derochie    
    Lucy Steele Dany Bouchard    
      Alain Masson    

    Once again a full team represented Canada, in an Olympics that was noted for the athletes skiing around the Olympic Rings in the Stadium, and a brilliant Games for Vegard Ulvang, "the Terminator" , and Bjorn Daehlie, from Norway each getting 3 Gold and a Silver Medal. Daehlie edged Ulvang out as the King of the Games by adding a 4th place in the 10k to his results, compared to Ulvang’s 9th in the 50. This Games saw the introduction of the Pursuit start and the 30km event for women.

    LtR, Top: Alain Masson, Dave Wood (Wax Technician), Dany Bouchard, Yves Bilodeau, Darren Derochie, Al Pilcher, Wayne Dustin.
    Bottom: Laurent Roux (Head Coach) Jane Vincent, Lucy Steele, Lorna Daudrich, Rhonda De Long, Marty Hall (NST Director),
    absent Angela Schmidt-Foster.

    Lucy Steele from Whitehorse, Yukon set the new standards in these events 39th in the pursuit, and 33rd in the 30 km. Angela Schmidt-Foster (in her 4th Olympics) , Lorna Daudrich, Jane Vincent and Rhonda De Long made up the rest of the Canadian Womens contingent which narrowly made the Olympic Qualifying standards on the eve of the Games.

    The women’s events proved to be the Egorova and Valbe show, as USSR’s Lubov Egorova captured gold in the 15km cl, the overall pursuit, and the relay, settling for Silver in the other 2 events. Valbe captured gold in the Women’s relay, in which Canada finished 11th, and finished in the bronze medal position in the other 4 individual events. The 30k was won by Italy’s Stefania Belmondo, with Finland’s Marjut Lukkarinen capturing Gold in the 5k.

    For Canada the brightest showing on the Men’s side was Dany Bouchard’s 25th place finish in the new 10km classic event, the first race of the pursuit in which he set the new best ever of 40th place. The race marked gold number 2 for Ulvang who had started the Games off right with Gold in the 30. Canada’s hopes had been set on Al Pilcher, an 8th place finisher in the 50km at the 89 Worlds and Top 15 in 91, but it was not to be as his top result was 45th in the 30km.

    The other Canadian Men Yves Bilodeau of Quebec, Sault Ste. Marie’s Wayne Dustin, and Onaping, Ontario’s Darren Derochie, joined Bouchard in the relay to finish 11th , and gave it their best effort individually but had trouble cracking the top ½ of the field on the tough courses and high altitude of Les Saisies. Laval’s Alain Masson, brother of Marie-Andree, also competed in this his second Winter Olympics, after competing in the Cycling Road Race at the Los Angeles games. It was there that he and 1988 Olympic teammate, Pierre Harvey, and Louis Garneau, helped Steve Bauer to a Silver Medal finish for Canada.

    Dahlie won the Pursuit, struck Gold with the Norwegian Team in the relay, and captured the 50k title to finish the last 3 races with gold medals also of note was 42 year old Maurilio De Zolt’s Silver in the 50km in what proved to be not the last of his Olympic medals!

    In some ways it was a "changing-of-the-guard" as many of the team, including 4 time Olympian Angela Schmidt-Foster, that had represented Canada well for many years, hung up their skis at the end of the season making way for a new generation of skiers to enter the National Team program.

    WOMEN  15 km  5 km  Pursuit  30 km 
    Lorna Daudrich  40th      51st 
    Rhonda DeLong  43rd  41st  40th   
    Jane Vincent    53rd  49th  40th 
    Angela Schmidt-Foster  29th  39th  51st   
    Lucy Steele    46th  39th  33rd 

    MEN  30 km  10 km  Pursuit  50 Km 
    Al Pilcher  45th  52nd  52nd   
    Wayne Dustin  48th  64th  56th  46th 
    Yves Bilodeau  59th  42nd  45th   
    Alain Masson  60th      DNF 
    Darren Derochie        61st 
    Dany Bouchard    25th  40th