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    • The New Eastern Canadian Championships Logo

      December 10, 2013


      The New Eastern Canadian Championships Logo


      The Canadian Eastern Championships Organizing Committee is proud to introduce its new logo to the Canadian cross country ski community.


      • The maple leaf  represents the Canadian aspect of the event.
      • The skier is positioned on the right side of the maple leaf to represent the Eastern Canadian aspect of the event.
      • The bottom three solid stripes are symbolic of three area clubs who are key in their support of this event. They are solid in color to also represent the Ottawa, Gatineau and Rideau rivers, coming together.
      • The additional three white stripes symbolize the snow, the hilly terrain.
      • Together the six stripes are also a representation of the race tracks‑set, in perspective.
      • The snowflakes as a whole represent the Ottawa-Outaouais Cross Country Ski Community and its components, the clubs.

      The original idea is a contribution of Geoff Way‑Nee, a17-year old ski racer from Peterborough Ontario. He is a grade 12 student at Adam Scott CVI. He races with Kawartha Nordic Ski Club. He is skiing since he was two. Geoff won the Eastern Canadian Championships Logo Contest.

      Graphic Designer

      The professional finish of the logo was done by Krisitina Raja, a Boast Technologies graphic designer.