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    • BUFF® Athlete of the Day - Mont-Ste-Anne & Eastern NorAms

      February 16, 2016

      BUFF® Athlete of the Day- NorAm #4 Mont-Ste-Anne


      This past two weeks the Haywood NorAm series moved east to Mont-Ste-Anne (January 30-31) and Gatineau for the Eastern Championship ( February 5-7).  These races serve as selection events for the Ski Tour Canada World Cup events, 8 World Cups events that will be hosted in Gatineau, Montréal, Québec and Canmore.

      As they were no BUFF® sprint races at the Mont-Ste-Anne NorAm we decided to nominate an athlete with an outstanding performance over the two distances races of the weekend. The BUFF® athlete of the day for the Mont-Ste-Anne NorAm Open Women's category was Catherine Reed-Métayer. Catherine captured 7th place senior which is the best ever result for her on the NorAm circuit, and also incredible for a Junior Women to finish at this position in the senior field.

      "On Saturday, I headed into the race with only one goal: go fast. I was feeling good, so I pushed myself to the limit, nothing left inside at the finish line. In individual races we can never know how well we do compared to the others, so when I looked at the results I had to double-check before I could really believe my result!
      - Catherine Reed-Métayer, BUFF® athlete of the day

      The BUFF® athlete of the day for the Open Men's category was David Palmer. David started the pursuit race on Sunday in 16th position as that was his result from the Saturday race. He ended up the race with a 6th position on the pursuit and the 3rd best time of the day.

      " I was super stoked to be nominated for the BUFF® award!! My teammates and coaches really gave it everything and were a huge inspiration in my hard effort yesterday. Truth be told though, when I learned about the BUFF® award on Saturday night I was truly inspired to give it everything . Russell Kennedy (Canmore Nordic athlete) told me the next morning (before the race) that if we work together we can really move up and pass several skiers ahead in the pursuit race. I had one extra cup of coffee that morning. With the confident support of great teammates and hard working coaches I was able to make a jump in performance this weekend.
      -David Palmer, BUFF® athlete of the day

      BUFF® athlete of the day- NorAm #5 Eastern Championship Gatineau

      The BUFF® athlete of the day for the BUFF® Sprint race at the Eastern Championship in Gatineau was Alannah MacLean for the Open Women's category. Alannah didn't have an easy day in the Friday sprint when she fell at the start in the A Final. We wanted to recognise her effort as she has been consistent the whole season on the NorAm circuit and in addition she is going to University and working part time. She proved that it is possible to continue your education through skiing at a high level with her recent selection to Team Canada for the World Under-23 Championships.

      "The sprint day on Friday started off with a less than favourable qualifier. I felt like I was locking up in the climbs and my hips weren't moving well, so I made sure to get in some dancing before the heats started to loosen up! I skied well in the heats, so it was unfortunate to have a tangle right off the start in the A final. I fell pretty hard and tried to fight to get back into the pack by the first climb, but I ran out of steam by the end of the race. On next Friday we leave for Austria and then on to Romania for World U23s. I'm incredibly excited to be a part of a very solid and fun team this year and can't wait to see what I can do on the international stage in a few short weeks!
      -  Alannah MacLean, BUFF® athlete of the day

      The BUFF® athlete of the day for the Open Men's category was Michael MacIsaac-Jones. Michael finished 11th place in the sprint in the Junior category. It was his best performance of the season.

      "I am really stoked to have such a good result, and I hope to continue improving." Thank-you for noticing
      -Michael MacIsaac-Jones, BUFF® athlete of the day

      Photo credit: Russell Kennedy