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  • Para-Nordic Races

    The international Paralympic Committee (IPC) organizes and governs top level international Para-Nordic racing including World Cup, World Championships and the Paralympics. This is done through a dedicated committee called World Para Nordic Skiing (WPNS). WPNS integrates cross-country skiing and biathlon so that both disciplines are featured at all competitions. Two disciplines and three classified categories for both men and women result in a large number of medal events at WPNS sanctioned competitions with opportunities for many different skiers to succeed. Para-Nordic athletes and guides who compete at WPNS sanctioned events must have a WPNS racing license which can be purchased through CCC. For more information about WPNS level competition please go to the IPC Nordic Skiing website.

    WPNS Biathlon and Cross-Country World Cup
    The WPNS World Cup (WC) calendar is designed to determine the best Para-Nordic skiers in the world each season. The schedule is planned by WPNS in collaboration with the National Ski Associations annually. A single season calendar will have four to five WC events with four to seven individual competitions at each one. The WC Finals at the end of the season become a focal point in a non-World Championships or Paralympic year. Twelve WC champions are crowned each season. Canada has won multiple WC medals including twelve in 2018.

    WPNS Biathlon and Cross-Country World Championships
    The WPNS World Championships (WCh) are hosted every second year. They are a major goal for most nations and become the focal point of the season in that year. Thirty-eight individual competitions were contested at the 2017 WCh in Cable USA. Canada has won multiple WCh medals over the years. The next world championship are being held in Prince George Canada in Feb 2019.

    Paralympic Games
    The Paralympics are the pinnacle of Para-Nordic competition and provide a long term focus for all nations with Para-Nordic racing programs. The Paralympics are held every four years immediately following the Olympics at the same venue. Approximately fifty percent of all Paralympic medals are won by Para-Nordic skiers. At the Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Games 38 Para-Nordic gold medals were won. The next Paralympics will be held in Beijing China in 2022.  Canada has won multiple Paralympic medals including a record sixteen medals at PyeongChang.
    Domestic Para-Nordic Races

    Para-Nordic competitions are held in Canada each season and are generally organized and governed locally through CCC and its Divisions. Stand alone Para-Nordic events are not generally held in Canada as most Para-Nordic races are integrated into able-bodied events such as Provincial cups, NorAms, Nationals or Canada Winter Games.  Para-Nordic athletes competing domestically do not need WPNS license but must have a valid CCC race license to compete in CCC sanctioned events.