FIS TD Certification Course

    September 28, 2011

    FIS Technical Delegate (TD) Certification - USSA Center of Excellence - October 14-16, 2011. Hosted by the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) with the Participation of Cross Country Canada (CCC)

    This FIS TD Certification Course is intended for those who are:

    1. CCC Level 3 Officials seeking to become certified at Level 4 as a National (FIS) TD (see prerequisites below).
    2. Current Level 4 – National (FIS) TDs wishing to stay certified and Level 3 –Divisional TDs who missed last year’s CCC update and need to attend to remain certified
    3. FIS Registered TD’s wishing to become FIS Licensed TD’s;
    4. FIS Licensed TD’s wishing to maintain their status by attending required update courses
    5. Current FIS Registered TDs wishing to add Popular Skiing TD certification (required for FIS Loppets & Marathon WC)
    6. Other certified officials wishing to increase their knowledge specifically in the area of delivering Para-Nordic ski competitions

    Canadian Participants

    Prerequisite for taking a Level 4 Certification Course – Nat. FIS TD:

    Ref pg 1-6, CCC Officials Manual

    The course participants must:

    • be recommended for the course by the Division’s Chairman or by the Events Committee.
    • Served as a Divisional TD twice during the past two years.
    • hold an active Level 3 officials certificate. 
    • must be an active skier, able to ski courses in both techniques and in a reasonable timeframe in order to inspect and assess the quality of the course preparation and track setting.
    USSA FIS TD Certification - Details
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