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    • WADA seeks harsher penalties for drug cheats

      October 10, 2013

      Changes are coming, and they won’t be good for athletes fixed on cheating their way to the top of the medal podium.
      At its November congress in Johannesburg, South Africa, the World Anti-Doping Agency will update its call for athletes to carry steroid passports, similar to the biological passports already used in sports such as cycling, athletics and cross-country skiing.

      The bio passports record blood readings that can be used to determine if an athlete is doping; the steroid passport would record an athlete’s testosterone levels. WADA wants steroid passports implemented in as many sports as possible by the end of December.
      On top of that, WADA is set to introduce harsher penalties for first-time cheats effective January of 2015. In Canada, for example, an athlete caught using an illegal substance for the first time could receive a two-year ban. A second offence would result in a life-time suspension. Under WADA’s new rules, it’s four years for a first offence, life for a second...