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    • FIS Anti-Doping testing programme continues focus on out-of-competition

      May 6, 2013

       The FIS anti-doping programme focus turns from the post-competition tests to a substantial out-of-competition testing programme in order to maintain the fight against the use of doping in skiing and snowboarding.
      During the 2012/2013 competition season, FIS performed as many as 2'170 out-of-competition tests, including blood (246) and urine tests (498, whereby 291 with EPO analysis) as well as blood passport samples (1’426).
      These numbers include the pre-competition blood controls that were carried out at the FIS World Ski Championships and FIS Junior World Ski Championships.
      Additionally 643 in-competition urine tests were completed by FIS at World Cup and World Championship events, whereby 205 samples were additionally analysed for EPO. Furthermore, a small number of blood samples were collected (35 blood, 14 blood passport samples).
      In addition, a large number of doping controls were carried out by the National Anti-Doping Agencies both in- and out-of-competition.
      For detailed year-by-year statistics click here: http://www.fis-ski.com/data/document/fis-ooct-2012-13-season-final.pdf