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      November 26, 2014

      Based on the new WADA Code 2015, the FIS Anti-Doping Rules have been adapted in compliance with the Code, coming into force on 1st January 2015 and has numerous changes summarised as follows:
      • The Code amendments provide for longer periods of ineligibility for real cheats, and more flexibility in sanctioning in other specific circumstances
      • Consideration of the Principles of Proportionality and human rights
      • The Code amendments support the increasing importance of investigations and use ofintelligence in the fight against doping
      • Amendments to the Code have been included to better reach athlete support personnel who are involved in doping
      • The Code amendments place additional emphasis on the concepts of smart test distribution planning, and smart menus for sample analysis
      • The Code amendments attempt to be both more clear and fair in balance the interests of International Federations and national Anti-Doping organisations making the Code clearer and shorter.

      The 2015 WADA Code