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    • Clean As Snow moves ahead

      December 4, 2013

      The FIS Anti-Doping awareness campaign “Clean As Snow – SAY NO! TO DOPING” continues to play a key role in the 2013/14 season to underline the FIS commitment to the fight against doping and clean sport. At the Nordic Opening in Kuusamo (FIN), 300 promotional items were distributed among all Cross-Country and Nordic Combined athletes. The campaign, which was implemented by FIS starting in the season 2011/2012, is FIS’ and FIS Athletes’ Commission’s message in the interest of fair and clean sport. 
      Cross-Country Skiing ace and chair of the FIS Athletes’ Commission Kikkan Randall commented: “Athletes are role models for thousands of young sports motivated people. We have to give the best examples. Teach them the value of a clean sports performance for their future career and future health! That is my message.”
      As in the past two winters, the “Clean As Snow” logo will be present on the Cross-Country and Nordic Combined training bibs for all athletes, team officials and FIS officials with promotional items being distributed across all FIS Olympic disciplines as well as at the Junior World Championships. 
      FIS Anti-Doping Activities 20213/14
      With the fight against doping remaining a significant focus for FIS through a zero-tolerance policy on doping and cheating in sport, the following FIS Fact Sheet is intended to provide an update on FIS Anti-Doping Activities leading up to and during the 2013/14 season.