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    • CCC Points System Upgrade 2005

      November 11, 2005

      The Canada Points List is undergoing a major upgrade for the 2005/06 season. The improvements will be phased in over the next few months as the system is transitioned to a web-based program. 


      Principal changes will include:


      v     The incorporation of results from all international FIS events, which will increase the international validity of rankings.

      v     Web access to all athlete and race results information and history, graphic displays of points improvements, comparison between skating and classic, rankings versus skiers of the same age and a skier’s performance relationship to international points curves.

      v     Electronic submission of data from race organizers to the Points program to minimize manual data entry requirements.

      v     Improved ability to track athlete development both in individual Talent ID and Athlete Development system progress (number and points values of license holders in each age categories, overall and by club and province). Generation of up to date international performance curves.

      v     Divisional access to points information for the creation of provincial ranking lists.

      The first priorities are the generation of an integrated international list and the electronic transmission of data from race organizers to the Points Program.  Web accessibility and online points analysis will be phased in once the priority projects are completed.

      Linked below are the operational procedures that will apply to the new system.

      2005 Operational Procedures

      Please contact Al Maddox almaddox@cccski.com  for further information.

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