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                                                           CCC ATHLETE-CENTREDNESS POLICY

    Cross Country Canada is committed to ensuring that there is direct involvement of high performance athletes in the decision making processes of the organization. Cross Country Canada has a formal position allocated as Athlete Representative on the Executive Committee. As well, there are two representatives on the National Ski Team (NST) Committee (one female, one male), one on the Women's Committee (female), and one on the Disabled Skiing Committee to report on issues and to help in the decision making processes. We also have an athlete present on the Athletes' Council at the Canadian Olympic Association Congress.The athlete representative(s) may be of either gender, or there may be one of each gender, and they are elected by other National Team Members in a democratic manner.

    Cross Country Canada will continue to include athlete representatives on the various committees that make up the NSO and will document this athlete involvement. Athletes are invited to be a part of all committees as outlined in the Cross Country Canada/Ski de Fond By-Laws, and to be involved in the decision making processes that occur in them.

    All actions of Cross Country Canada should be based on benefit for the athlete. Evaluation of this approach is monitored with annual program reviews presented by the athletes, as well as input into issues and ideas for decision. There is an athletes’ meeting at the National Championships. This meeting includes all NST (junior and senior) and all Development athletes. They conduct an overview of the program and provide input to the NST Committee to make it more athlete centred.