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    • Job Notice: Part Time Head Coach - Walden Cross Country Fitness Club

      June 24, 2014

      The Walden Cross Country Fitness Club is hiring a part time coach.  This person will coach Train to Train (T2T) and Learn to Compete (L2C) programs (12 - 18 year olds) for the 2014/2015 season.

      Coaching duties will include developing training schedules for our T2T and L2C athletes, designing and leading training sessions (weekday evenings and weekends), and coaching at fall and winter training camps. As head coach you will work with our assistant coaches and attend regional, provincial and possibly national competitions.  The position includes coaching dryland sessions (September to start of snow season) and on snow training sessions to end of March.

      This position is a part time contract for eight months offering a salary of $15,000.

      Currently there are 8 skiers in the program.  It is hoped that with an increased enrolment and additional funding that this position would become a full time position in the future.

      Duties include:
      • Conduct safe, fun and developmentally appropriate practices for  T2T and/or L2C programs with the support of volunteer coaches and parents
      • Work with assistant coaches to coach athletes at the L2T stage
      • Work with assistant coaches in developing training schedules and programs
      • Communicate with athletes and families by email and website about schedule and upcoming events
      • plan and implement training camps
      • Recruiting  skiers for race program
      • Provide race support including waxing
      • Assist with Club events as time allows
      • Keeping apprised of WCCFC policies and procedures and complying with the same at all times.

      The ideal candidate will be a skier and/or coach with experience at the junior or senior racing level working with cross country skiers, with coaching certification. Previous coaching experience is required.  Coaches should be able to run and ski with the athletes and demonstrate good technique.

      Contract runs late August 2014 – April 2015.  WCCFC is committed to developing our coaches and will pay for coaches to attend coaching certification courses.  WCCFC is committed to providing coaching for athletes in the long term, so this contract has the possibility of rolling into future seasons.

      If interested in applying, please submit the following documents to Mary Waddell, Club President, Walden Cross Country Fitness Club at mary@waldenxc.ca   

      • Cover letter and resume, highlighting why you want to coach junior cross country skiers, your qualifications and what skills, experiences and background experiences you would bring to this position
      • Two references including name and contact information (at least one ski related contact)

      Closing date - July 31st 2014

      ** NOTE - this position may be combined with the Program Coordinator for WCCFC

      Contact Mary Waddell mary@waldenxc.ca with any questions or for more information.