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    • New directions for the Canadian Ski Museum/Canadian Ski Hall of Fame

      March 30, 2011



      The Canadian Ski Museum/Canadian Ski Hall of Fame (CSM) has reached the point where it is no longer able to raise enough money to cover its annual operating expenses, mainly the salary of a professional curator and rent.


      As a result, the CSM will be vacating its premises in Ottawa, by 30 June 2011. The CSM’s premises will be open by appointment only, starting Monday, March 29, to allow staff to focus on preparing its world-class collection for temporary storage until a new location can be found.


      The CSM will be organizing a task force of Canadians committed to preserving and celebrating Canada’s skiing heritage, with a mandate to establish a sustainable funding base for pursuing its mission, including acquiring new premises and professional management for its collection.


      In parallel, the CSM will continue its discussions with museums, halls of fame, and other organizations in Canada that have expressed an interest in its remarkable collection, the largest, most diverse and valuable in Canada.


      The CSM’s mission remains unchanged: to promote an understanding, appreciation and celebration of Canada’s snow skiing/boarding traditions and accomplishments, and their significance to Canadian life and identity.


      Regardless of the outcome of the task force or the discussions with organizations interested in its collection, the CSM will maintain its focus on improving its website so that visitors can continue to access the leading artefacts and archival assets of Canada's impressive skiing heritage, and to engage Canadians in developing and celebrating Canada’s skiing heritage.


      Thanks to generous funding from the Chawkers Foundation, the CSM will be able to continue developing and celebrating Canada’s skiing heritage by supporting writers and editors to produce articles for Skiing Heritage magazine and display on the CSM website. Skiing Heritage, a superb publication of the International Skiing History Association (http://skiinghistory.org), and the official journal of the Canadian Ski Museum, will continue to publish at least one article per issue on the history of skiing in Canada.


      The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame will continue to operate, essentially in its current form, but with more active participation by all of Canada’s ski-related organizations, such as the Canadian Snowsports Association and the Canadian Ski Council.


      In order to continue pursuing its mission the CSM actively seeks financial support from the Canadian ski and snowboard community. This can be done by direct donation, becoming a member of the CSM or by providing value-in-kind. Visit www.skimuseum.ca/get_involved.php to find out how to support and participate in the Museum.