• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Cross Country Canada Board of Directors 2012/13

      June 21, 2012

      As of the 2012 Annual General Meeting in June in Whitehorse, the CCC Board of Directors consists of the following:

      President - Richard Lemoine
      Director - Rhonda Jewett  
      Director - Dan Brisbin 
      Director - James S. Coatsworth 
      Director - Mike Norton
      Director - Peter Lloyd
      Director - Al Pilcher
      Director - Dave Moore, NB (DCC Appointment)
      Athlete Director - Greg Kilroy

      Cross Country Canada wishes to thank Jim McCarthy (past President), Penny Moody-Corbett (past Director) and Mike Newson (past Treasurer) for their work and commitment to our organisation over the years!

      Jim McCarthy (past President) and Rhonda Jewett

          Rhonda Jewett and Mike Newson (past Treasurer)                Rhonda Jewett and Penny Moody-Corbett (past Director)