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    • 2014 CCC Board Nominations

      April 23, 2014

      April 22, 2014

      The Board Nominating Committee is now assembling a slate of candidates to be considered for election to the Board of Directors of CCC. This election will take place in accordance with CCC's Bylaws, at the CCC Annual General Meeting in Canmore, Alberta, June 12-15, 2014.

      Normally, approximately half of CCC’s nine (9) Board members are elected in alternate years (the Division Chairs Council appoints the DCC representative).  In 2014, there are three Director at Large positions and the President’s position open for election.

      We urge all CCC members to get involved in the process. If you know of someone who is qualified and interested in one of these Board positions, please advise a member of the Nominating Committee before May 5, 2014. Candidates for any Board position may also be nominated by:

      1. Be nominated by a Division member(s) or members representing in aggregate at least 5% of the votes;
      2. Be nominated in writing by 20 License Members; or,
      3. Be nominated at a meeting called for the election of directors.

       Nomination and Election Process

      To be eligible to stand for election, you must be 18 years or older, a resident of Canada and a CCC member.

      Nominators must submit nominations to a member of the Nominating Committee. Nominations must include the following:

      • outline of background within the sport of cross country skiing – sport resume
      • outline of specific expertise or knowledge helpful to CCC
      • What strengths do you have that would enable you to make a lasting contribution to CCC?
      • How can the Board of Directors best represent members’ interests?
      • What challenges and opportunities do you foresee for CCC in the future?

      Nominations must be received by midnight MDT,
      May 10, 2014. Nominations will be posted on the CCC Website as they are received.

      Candidates will be given the opportunity to make a presentation to the voting members at the AGM either in person or through a representative.

      Please feel free to contact a member of the Committee should you have any questions.

      Nominating Committee:

      Richard Lemoine: rlemoine@lhgroup.com
      Les Parsons: lesparsonsgreen@yahoo.ca
      Georgia Manhard; gmanhard@telus.net
      Camille Pepin: campepin@hotmail.com
      Jim McCarthy: jamesgrahammccarthy@gmail.com
      Colin Abbott: c.abbott_90@hotmail.com

      Expectations of Directors

      Board members are expected to contribute their enthusiasm, expertise and time to provide strategic oversight and direction to the management of CCC and the sport of cross-country skiing at the national level.  Ordinarily, a candidate should have sufficient background in the sport to have a broad understanding of the issues facing the sport in at least one major operating area.  Such a background can include experience working at the club and division level within the sport.  The candidate should be ready to contribute at least 10 hours per month, attend 3 weekend meetings per year, participate in approximately 10 conference calls per year and participate in an operational committee.  Board members are also expected to be familiar with CCC’s existing strategic plans, operational plans and policies and read reports and other documents to prepare for meetings and to make a positive contribution to the decision making process.  Travel expenses are provided by CCC.

      Candidates should believe in the mission and values of CCC, be committed to serving all regions of Canada and have experience and abilities in the following areas:

      • Board, professional and /or organizational committee experience
      • Ability to effectively communicate information and ideas while working in a team environment
      • Knowledge of the sport of cross country skiing
      • Professional conduct and ethics

      Additional skills and experience that will be helpful in fulfilling the board role include:

      • Marketing and fundraising experience
      • Governance experience in other organizations
      • Experience or expertise in working with financial statements and business planning
      • Expertise in design and delivery of sport programs similar to those delivered by CCC, its divisions and member clubs
      • Knowledge of coaching theory
      • Experience participating in cross-country ski events
      • Experience organizing cross-country ski events
      • Human resources management experience